The Shadows and the Light

by Brian Fraaza

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released October 12, 2012


all rights reserved



Brian Fraaza Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Track Name: Everything, Everything
It’s the hope that I feel when I speak Your name
and the way that Your love takes my breath away.
It’s the beauty from ashes You’re making in me
and the darkness You turned into light so I can see.
You made me with Your hands. You gave me life with Your breath,
and I am Yours.
You are everything, everything good in me
and Your goodness and mercy, I cannot believe
You pour all of it, all of it out on me. Oh my soul will sing...
It’s the way that You never leave me the same
and the way that all for Your glory I became.
Because I have nothing apart from You,
but You gave me a different name and made me all brand new.
Track Name: My Soul Will Sing
Your love is a melody that I can’t get out of my head. Your grace, it has brought me to my knees.

Your mercy, a remedy that created life from death. Your fire is consuming all of me

Oh my soul will sing. I lift my voice to You, my God, my King who reigns forever.

Sing Glory! Hallelujah to the Lord of Heaven. Oh my soul will sing.

Your joy is a song that I cannot sing quietly. In You alone my weary soul finds peace.

Your glory the earth declares as far as I can see. The starry night declares Your majesty.

Like shadows we will pass away, but still You will remain. Like a vapor in the wind this life will flee.

Though the waves will toss and turn, still You are the same. You were and You forevermore will be…
Track Name: You Alone
You alone are worthy of my praise. You are Ancient of Days. I worship You alone.

You alone are glorious above. You capture me with love. I worship You alone.

All I have is all for You. I am Yours, Lord, through and through.

On the altar I will be a living sacrifice. Take all I own. You alone.

You alone restore my weary soul. I’ll never let you go. I worship You alone.

You alone can heal my broken heart and give me a new start. I worship You alone.

You alone cause every knee to fall. You’re majesty and awe. I worship You alone.
Track Name: What Creation Sings
We gather here to bow and join in Heaven’s sound, the angels singing praise before You

The mystery is this: to join in Heaven’s kiss. A gathering of worship for You

For You the mountains rise up and all creation will adore You singing…

Hallelujah, He is worthy! Holy is the King of Glory!

And all creation sings.

From every tongue and tribe and joyful noise will rise. From every nation songs will ring out

And all of Heaven now is laying down their crowns. And all the saints will sing their chorus

For You the stars will shine on, the sun will rise, the streams rejoice

And all creation now will lift their voices…
Track Name: Love Comin' Down
Welcome to the start, where you can be what you are and, child, you’ll go far.

I know how hard you tried and how it feels inside when there’s no place to hide.

Just take a look around and can you hear the sound of a love comin’ down

This love will set you free, open your eyes so you see what you were made to be

Must have been a big mistake, all this heartbreak as one of the lost and the found.

It’s been so long and I’ve been on the wrong side waiting for love comin’ down.

Don’t know how far you can go ‘til you can’t go no more. That’s how the story goes.

You cannot learn to fly if you’re afraid to try so spread your wings now child.
Track Name: Closer
I’ve tasted fruit, I’ve seen a light. I can’t forget what I’ve seen with my eyes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt at home, kicking and screaming out here on my own.

And I can’t see your face anymore, so what am I fighting for…

Remember how it used to be for You and me?

I long to be much closer…aching to be much closer

The easiest thing that I’ve ever done was losing a war that was already won.

I’d lose everything just for a taste; Just to remember you’re beautiful face.

And so I turn and walk away, leave it all behind for today.

We fell in love so easily, You and me…

I need You. Be near me.
Track Name: The Light Between
Don’t cry darling. You are known and you are loved. Falling slowly we will chase the sun.

We will catch it, shine a light for us all. Hold on tightly, I won’t let you fall.

In the hope of tomorrow we will stand. Just you and me, hand-in-hand.

And all that was lost will be found in the light between the shadows on the ground

It’s not too late now. There is time for us to see. Stealing glances of the way that it should be.

Open your eyes now, look and see what you will find.

Always, forever, child, you were made to shine.
Track Name: Shine
Brothers, you don’t need to fight ‘cause we are all the same and we are all to blame.

Mothers, I can hear your baby cry and we all want to wipe those tears away.

We are all together standing through whatever, ‘cause everybody needs a light sometimes.

Shine, just shine a light on. It’s been dark for too long. Shine for everyone.

Shine as bright as the sunlight and chase away the night. Brighter days have come.

Shadows, they disappear like a vapor in the wind. We’re starting new again.

Sing out! For hope is near and we have all been given light to share.

When glory is upon you, the only thing you can do…’cause everybody needs a light sometimes.
Track Name: When All Is Said And Done
Holy Holy LORD Almighty. Worthy is the King of Man.

Glory, Power be unto You. Praises to the Great I Am

Sing Hosanna in the highest, lift your voices to The LORD.

All the saints and all the sinners kneel before Him and adore.

All the earth will join with Heaven to declare Your Kingdom come.

All the kingdoms earth created now will see Your will be done.

Praises rise as Kingdoms fall

You will reign above it all….

We will sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah to You LORD

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah…we sing
Track Name: Walk On
When my soul is tired and weary,when my eyes can’t cry no more,

When I know my legs won’t carry me I shall never walk alone.

Walk on, Child, walk on, when your days are more than you can bare.

When it feels like all you’ve ever known is gone, you shall never walk alone.

When my heart is cold and broken, when lonely days are here for sure,

When my friends are friends no longer I shall never walk alone.

When this dark old world surrounds me, when faith is all I’m hoping for,

When I need someone to rescue me I shall never walk alone.

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